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watches and wall clocks

Reliable watches and wall clocks

A watch isn't just a timepiece nowadays. With our range of quality designs we have watches that are functional and can serve as a stylish piece of jewellery to complement any outfit. Whether it is to replace your old watch, a gift or just because you'd like a different design, visit us in Southampton to see our wide range of choices. We can even engrave a special message on the back of your watch to make it extra special.
wall clocks
design watches

Designer watches

Like the  modern styles and quality of a designer watch? At Dahlers Jewellers we have a reasonably priced range of Rotary, Sekonda watches and SEKSY watches that stand out from the crowd. Why not call in to choose the one that would be right for you or that special person, or take a look here to see some examples.

New clocks and clock repair

Does your treasured clock need some attention? Bring it to our expert horologist to take a look at. With years of experience in repairing all types of clocks he can discover the cause and soon have it working again. We can even repair a grandfather clock.
If there is nothing more to be done, we have different types of clocks 
  • Wall clocks
  • Alarm clocks
  • Mantle
  • Miniature clocks

clock repairs
For clocks and sekonda watches in Southampton get in touch with Dahlers jewellers on 
023 8044 9458.
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